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Where Sucky TT icons go to die
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Welcome to Big Fluffy Cat. Here is where we bitch about shitty Teen Titans icons. Why? Because we're sick of seeing total crap icons. Also, because we can.

We do, however, have some rules.
1. Make fun of the icon, not the maker. We're not here to make fun of people, just the crap they produce.
2. NO FLAMES. This goes back to rule 1. I don't want to deal with that shit, so don't even start it. Also, don't go to the icon maker's journal and start shit with them there, because that is stupid and immature.
3. If you're made fun of, well, sucks to be you, then, doesn't it? Here's a fun fact of life for you: not everyone likes you, or likes the icons you make! GASP! TEH HORRORS!!1
4. If you don't like us, then utilize your back button and forget we exist. We're here for our own amusement. If others find us funny, hey, bonus. If you don't find us funny, we really don't give a shit. So don't come in here and tell us how mean we are or how you hate us. We don't care.
5. Always credit the icon maker.
6. Please upload all images deserving of mocking to Imageshack, because bandwidth is precious.
7. Always use img src tags so we can see the crap in question.
8. We don't violate LJ TOS, so go eat a dick instead of reporting us.
9. You may not think we have the ability to determine what is good and what is bad. Good for you! Again, we don't care. If we think it sucks, we're going to mock it, because it is our community. Even people who don't make icons can recognize shit when they see it.

Your resident Snarky!Titans
snarkborg : He loves his waffles, bitch
snarkboy : Hates crap icons more than he hates meat
snarkfire : Orange boobs of righteous fury
terrasnarkov : She will drop a bigass boulder on your face
thesnarkwonder : His utility belt is filled with scathing remarks
quoththesnarker : "Evil beware. We have old meme."

Snarky!Titans East
snarkbee : Homegirl don't play that.

Honourary Snarkers
kidsnark : He can mock shitty graphics at the speed of light!

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